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Catalog Number 01244
Object Name Flag
Description A. FLAG:
U.S. regimental flag of the 168th Iowa Infantry. World War I. Governmental Issue. 1 layer. Machine sewn. Object No: 1244, tagged only

The 168th Infantry Regimnet was originally organized as the 4th Regiment on August 8, 1861, throughout several reorganizations and redesignations, the regiment woud take on several different names, including; 4th Iowa Volunteer Veteran Regiment, 3rd Infantry, 5th Infantry and the 51st Iowa in the Spanish-American War of 1898.

During World War I, the 168th Infantry was drafted into federal service again August 16, 1917, and was assigned to the 42nd Division. The 42nd Division was composed of men from accross the United States, thus the name the Rainbow Division. There were four main infantry regiments of the 42nd, the 165th (69th New York), the 166th (4th Ohio), 167th (4th Alabama), and the 168th (3rd Iowa). The 168th left for Europe on October 18, 1917, after weeks of travel, the division reached Chaumont, France just after Christmas, by February, 1918, the men reached Luneville-Baccarat.

The spring of 1918 saw the 168th performing raids on the German position. In May, the Germans produced a deadly gas attack on the infantry which ended with the nearly a hundred dead, even with this considerable loss, the men of the 168th fought bravely and eventually pushed back the Germans. On June 21, the 168th Infantry, Rainbow Division was transferred to Champagne, the men continued fighting in this region until the armistice in November.
The regiment was demobilized on May 17, 1919.

Upon their arrival home the 168th Infantry was met with a large outpouring of support from the state of Iowa. General Louis G. Lasher commented: "You were assigned a difficult task in this war; some said you would not do it, others said you could not do it, but the world know now that you cannot be equalled. The kaiser admits you fought like devils.

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Accessory inforamtion located in the Notes section.
Source Tinley, Mrs. Matthew A.
Received Date 03/21/1960
Collection Iowa Battle Flag Project
Search Terms 168th Iowa Infantry
Matthew A. Tinley
Lucy W. Tinley
World War I
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